Vinyl Joint

Vinyl Joint DJ School and Production School

Vinyl Joint has established a dj school in johannesburg cbd which has been running for just over 4yrs now. Our aim is to inform djs about what the industry entails and expects from upcoming djs. Even though we offer training on cdjs and turntables the choices to learn from other mixing platforms are also available

Basic Course Outline
The course is broken down into theory and practical where much of the time is focused towards the practical side of things.


  • Basic System Connection
  • Parts of Equipment and their functions
  • Important aspects of technical side of DJing
  • Industry overview


  • Finding the 1st beat
  • Cueing
  • Mixing
  • Free time for practicing

Duration 2 months, 3x a week , 2hrs per lesson
Fees R2500


11 Eloff str (opposite Fair Price)

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